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2023 Mrs. Florida America Pageant

Spring of 2024

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Meet Mrs. Florida America 2023

Tatianna Diaz

Tatianna Reign Diaz is a wife, entrepreneur, dog mom and has now made history as the 47th Mrs. Florida America! She works with multiple non-profits and enjoys collaborating with others to make a larger impact in our state. She was always taught to never put all of her eggs in one basket. She believes that goes for charitable duties as well and enjoys offering a helping hand in many areas.

Tatianna is a strong advocate for the fight against human trafficking and is committed to empowering, healing, and providing hope to those affected. She also enjoys volunteering with Habitat for Humanity. As a construction wife and realtor, our reigning Mrs. Florida has a passion for helping others find a safe place to call home. Tatianna is always ready to roll up her sleeves and get her skirt in the dirt to help others achieve their goal of home ownership through commitment and sweat equity. She is a firm believer in offering a hand-up, vs. a handout. Tatianna is honored to represent the state of Florida at the 2023 National Mrs. America pageant. She gives thanks to her amazing husband, family, friends, mentor, and most of all God, for adding another blessing into her life.

Meet Mrs. Florida American 2023

Angela Omoike

Angela Omoike, a Wesley Chapel resident, was crowned Mrs Florida American 2023 on March 5, 2023 at the Westgate resort in Orlando Florida. Angela is a Registered Nurse & has been a philanthropist her whole life. Angela believes that no child should go hungry. She partners with Feeding America, Where the Love Grows & Metropolitan Ministries - a volunteer & donor fueled nonprofit for the homeless and those at risk. Angela is also an Ambassador for the Victoria’s Voice Foundation, and she believes that her recent win gives her a greater platform to Inspire hope, faith, educate and support those affected by substance abuse. Angela encourages all women to reach for their goals no matter what obstacle they are facing. Angela’s heart sets her apart as she leads with love in all aspects of her life.

Angela will represent Florida at the Mrs American Pageant in August.

Mrs Angela Omoike BSN RN

Mrs. America 2022

Jackie Blankenship

About The Mrs. Florida America Pageant

The Mrs. America Pageant, the fastest growing pageant system of its kind in the world, has emerged as one of the most important events of its kind. It annually attracts thousands of women representing every segment of our society.

The Mrs. Florida-America Pageant, Florida’s state preliminary to the Mrs. America Pageant, is the Sunshine State’s premiere Mrs. pageant. Mrs. Florida-America annually represents the Sunshine State in the Mrs. America Pageant.

For over 30 years, the Mrs. America Pageant was created to recognize the one person most ignored in all beauty competitions, America’s married woman. Most significantly, it is the only internationally televised pageant exclusively dedicated to our nation’s sixty million wives. Mrs. America annually represents the United States in the Mrs. World Pageant that is televised world-wide.

Mrs. Florida America & Mrs. World

April Lufriu

Ladies & Gentlemen~

As a former Mrs. Florida-America myself, I am looking forward to the crowning of this year’s new Mrs. Florida-America with a great deal of excitement! The events leading up to the pageant, and that special evening, will create memories that will last a lifetime for everyone involved. The winner will have wonderful opportunities to promote the State of Florida as well as the businesses and charities she represents.

I accepted the opportunity as Director in 2008 with a strong sense of commitment and devotion. My objective for this pageant is for all contestants to feel honored to be a part of this grand event. I am eager to give these women the same opportunity I received to meet other strong, successful, beautiful married women across the State. The Mrs. Florida-America Committee and I are especially proud of the friendships that are being forged between the contestants during this time. All of these women are winners in my eyes and I wish I could crown them all!”

- Jacqueline Siegel